IR Dongle?

Does Roomie support any IR dongles out there? If not, please add support. Many of us have all devices except for the TV tucked away (the wifi-ir options work great for those). What about controlling power on/off for the tv? Thx

We won’t be supporting any IR dongles. We just don’t think they make logical sense. How in the world does one charge the device when it runs out of batteries after a few hours?

We can’t realistically stand behind any of those products or justify the couple weeks of development to support one of them. For a TV in the scenario you describe, perhaps you could run an emitter extension cable. We regularly run emitters as long as 50 feet or longer. We have a collection of various extension cables here: … TF8&node=9

i think the use of a dongle is a great idea. if you’re traveling you could use your ipad/iphone as a remote in a hotel room…


We’re wavering on this. If people are genuinely interested in this, go ahead and post your interest/reasons here. Really, it’s about the use cases for us. Are there genuine use cases for this beyond “I’m in a hotel room”?

If we did support this, we’d most likely support the L5 device. (Which should not be taken as an indication that we have any real plans in this area yet.)

I think it would be great to add this feature, it would be useful for things that I don’t use daily. One thing I would use it for is with my xbox while watching a video, using the controller isn’t great for that to quickly pause a movie. Another thing is the AC like in another post that was requested, something that is useful when you want it on and off but not needed to have the dongle on constantly since it is just needed to be turned on and off.

I have seven different areas in and outside of my house where I use remotes. Right now the most practical remote for me is my phone and a IR dongle. I also have a dongle that alternates between several iPads. I don’t think anyone likes adding a dongle to a device, but for me it makes more sense than adding IP to IR devices to seven areas. Charging is no big deal. I do that overnight. Right now I like my roomie app for IP devices and I also like my IR app. If roomie added the dongle option then I would definitely use it, but I can understand your reluctance to go that route.