IR remote and IP2IR

Room works great in my theater room since we only use Roomie in there, however, my living room has all AV equipment hidden in a cabinet. I want to control using standard remotes as well as Roomie. This is ideal for family and guests. Currently, an IR repeater takes IR from the display to the cabinet. What’s the easiest way to wire in the IP2IR?

  1. Install a Flex WF2IR behind display. Place the IR emitter next to the existing IR repeater sensor. This is simple. I’m just not sure if the IR repeater sensor will pick up the WF2IR emitter.

  2. Install IP2IR in cabinet and double stick IR emitters on each device? Run another IR emitter to LCD. Seems redundant and would require quite a bit of work.

I’d try #1.

I have a Haromny One (IR) and had already been using a Logitech IR Extender because many of my components are hidden in an A/V cabinet. – which works well with the One. When I setup the Roomie, I put the IR blaster from the WF2IR so the Logitech IR extender sensor could see it and that worked too. I can now use either the One or Roomie.