IR + Serial Control

I have some devices (mainly TV) that I need to control via IR and an AV receiver (Pioneer VSX-9040THX) that I want to control via serial RS232. Will the iTach Flex IP allow for control of both types of devices at once? Will the Global Cache Home Network Adapter 6-inch, which definitely has serial + ir compatibility work with Roomie? Thanks!

Yes, Roomie supports any control method of any number of devices simultaneously.

The GC100 has been deprecated. We recommend the iTach Flex adapters for that.

Thank you.

Thank you for the fast response. I’m not sure if my first question was clear. Can I control IR and serial devices with 1 flex adapter, or would I need to purchase 1 for IP and 1 for serial? Is there a supported hardware device that lets me control both types?

Serial always requires the full Flex adapter, so you need two of them for that (which is still cheaper than a GC100!).

The table of configurations is on the product pages showing exactly that as well: … ex-ip.html

No, we always recommend using separate iTach Flex devices for that. Remember also that you can power many Flex devices from one hub. So if you have say 5 serial devices and a bunch of IR devices in a rack and therefore need 7 iTach Flex devices, one USB hub can be used to power all of them.

Thank you.