iRule User looking for Options :-)


I use Irule for my home automation needs and have been happy with the very customisation this web based builder brings… however they have notified they plan to folder in a few years so Im already looking for options, and wondered if simple control is one. I use my system for:

  1. Vera Z Wave lights and Heating - I have feedback based images, so custom off and on images depending on the xml feedback.
  2. Control various IR devices using a GC100 and iTach (TVs, Projector etc)
  3. Use serial from GC100 to get projector feedback and state plus control.
  4. Have a page for kodi that displays volume and now playing, again from xml feedback.
  5. Use variables to change the actions of button depending on state/feedback.

The feedback from the devices and the abiity to show the state, with custom images or text is important. The variables are complex so probably have no equivalent, but what about the rest?

Im also not sure what option suits me? I have maybe a dozen devices and use have 2 iphones and an iPad I would like to create systems for. I would have preferred Andriod too but understand this is not available.


The cost of finding-out how it works is pretty low. For $8 ($5 App and $3 20-Device Simple Subscription) you can give it a try. I’m not sure about some of the advanced or tricky stuff, but a majority of it should be no problem.

  1. It supports Vera Hubs
  2. Many Global Cache Adapters are supported.
  3. Depends on what model Projector (see above link). My Epson 8350 is supported by IR as part of a larger group.
  4. I use Kodi on Windows-10 no problem. Not sure about this exact thing but it sounds cool
  5. There are Toggles, Triggers, and some other stuff. See PDF manuals

My Panasonic Plasma-TV has ethernet for VieraCast, but doesn’t appear to actually be IP-controllable. It also has serial, and I considered going RS-232 with it. However, using the Simple-Blaster via IR was cheaper and works fine (it just needs to be turned On/Off). Just sayin, maybe you can pair-it-down a bit.

Yes, you can buy the Simple Control Home App once, and use it on as many iOS devices as you need.

Someboby that knows iRule or has migrated away from it might be able to answer better.

I am also an iRule user looking to migrate as iRule is shocking going to abandon us.
The key features that iRule has/had that I am hoping to find here are:

  1. Global Cache compatibility (seems to be the case). But is it reliable?
  2. Customer Support: The iRule learning curve was steep, but very powerful. Is there responsive Customer Support for Simple Control? How strong and useful is this Community?
  3. Device Compatibility: iRule has an very extensive database of audio/video devices, however esoteric. The list of devices on the Simple Control website seems more limited. Can new devices be created in I know the hex or IR codes?

Interestingly, I became disenchanted with iRule before the announcement, because they never had any intention to become Alexa compatible, whereas Simple Control appears to be.

As suggested above, I think I am going to simply try it for a while.

  1. I don’t have any Global-Cache branded adapters. I did find this quote in old forum posts. If you “read between the lines” it says more.

Roomie Blasters are 100% compatible with all APIs provided by iTach products. Basically, Roomie Blaster is an iTach plus Roomie-specific additions.

My (newer-model) Simple-Blaster works fine. I think all these are about as reliable as you can expect from IR.

I hate to replace working components (I’m not rich) so I still have a bunch of IR (non-IP) stuff. Even some of my components with Ethernet are not actually IP-Controllable (but that’s Panasonic’s fault, not Simple-Control’s). As you know, the industry is moving to more reliable and feature-rich IP control. We need both now, but I would guess that most Simple-Control resources are going toward IP-control. The IR stuff only needs to work to get us through the migration period.

  1. I have found Simple-Control email support to be good and responsive. They actually read your question and don’t just reply with generic scripted responses.

Their PDF manuals are pretty good and they seem to be continually updating the Knowledge-Base Articles and the Device Compatibility List.

Recently, they have updated this User Community forum. Posts now post with lite (normal) moderation. Seems they are trying to foster an easier exchange of info and tips between users.

  1. I found it to be comprehensive. I haven’t run across anything unsupported yet. Note that the IR list is a database, not a single-page list.

Yes, according to this, you can build-up a Custom Device.

I really like that it’s inexpensive to play with it and try-out. Obviously, it won’t be the same as iRule, but it should work for your application. Let us know how you like it.

I’ve used BOTH IRULE and Simple Control - since the Roomie legacy days. I found the Roomie control MUCH easier to build and manage then Irule - with the exception of the commercial Lutron lighting controls i have. I was able to build a custom interface for the Lutron control with Irule - but NOT roomie legacy. Roomie is barely the same product now as it was - so i’m excited to attempt to build lighting control now with it now. I also always really liked the fact that i only have to build things once with roomie - not build separate templates for IPAD vs. Iphone. I have ipad controllers in the house - but every family member also has Simple Control installed on their iphones. The new version makes that even easier i’m finding - by dedicating an APPLE TV as a hub.

On another note - when i moved from Roomie Legacy to Simple Control V5 - it migrated EVERYTHING for me… and considering the vintage differences did an amazing job in my opinion. Kudos to them. I think that says a TON about their support… and their desire to make things as seamless as possible.

I’ve got to say I’m getting more and more impressed with SC, most things are just so much easier in SC. OK you cannot customise it in the same way, but the hub functionality is just awesome, build one version them just sync it across - ok there are definitely still some bugs, but they seem to be mostly cosmetic so far and I’ve been digging into it for a week or so and things are just working, where in iRule I struggled for ages or never succeeded (feedbacks!).

I came across from irule and use the global cache gateways for any IR - SC finds the gateways and so far has been very reliable - all commands successfully transmitted and always works first time - so far so good

I’m an iRule customer who switched to Simple Control when I learned that they weren’t planning to support an Amazon Alexa interface. I have several Global Cache iTACH adapters and SC works perfectly with them. SC discovers them automatically so it’s not even necessary to configure devices manually as we did with iRule.

Sorry to dig up an older thread on my first post, but it’s the most relevant topic I found. I am coming from iRule and I think the situation with SC is a bit different now than when I first looked at in version 4. First, with three to four zones of video and eight Sonos zones, I think I am a candidate for the $149 perpetual license. I would like to trial it for a week to see if it is indeed what I think it is. Also, I remember talk about SC moving to version 5 and losing compatibility with Global Cache devices, but that doesn’t look to be the case. So, I hope I laid it out there clear enough. Thanks in advance.