Is GC-100-18R Compatible

I have a GC-100-18R from an old set up and I wanted to know if this was compatible. Also I have a non poe switch on my network for my devices, will I be able to use the IP fuctions?





The GC100 series is compatible if the firmware has been fully upgraded per the FAQ:

Firmware updates to those models require sending them back to the factory, so that’s a huge ordeal.

At this point we are strongly advising all users to migrate away from GC100 boxes. The user experience with that original generation box is likely to be quite poor. The number of improvements and fixes in the iTach and now iTach Flex series is almost innumerable since then.

Thank you.

Does my network switch need to be PoE in order to operate via IP?

If you want to use a PoE adapter then yes. If you’re just using the normal adapters, no.

Thank you.