Is there a way to set the sequence and timing of commands

I need to be able to control which order and timing of how my devices are turned on. Specifically, I need to wake my HTPC last, after my receiver and TV are turned on. There doesn’t seem to be any way to do this, unless I am missing something obvious.

The delay command only seems to work within a device, not globally. I thought of trying to add a dummy command first, then a 2s delay, then the WOL command to my HTPC, but Simpleremote for some reason forces the WOL command first, no matter what I do. I also tried adding another WOL command with no mac address first, then delay, then the WOL with correct mac address, but it still wakes up the HTPC too early.

Any help is appreciated.

WoL is not in a pipeline, not a protocol it’s a layer 2 signal, so it’s always first. Except that only applies in a particular activity command sequence. So if you really needed to delay a WoL command, you would put it into its own Activity and put a delay the Start Activity command.

eg: + Start Another Activity, choose Activity “Wake HTPC”, add a Delay Activity command to that.