Is there an option to hide the settings menu?

I was wondering if there is an option to hide the settings menu. Now anyone using the remote can adjust things and it’s confusing for people who don’t understand how to get out of the settings menu easily. My wife or clients who are not technical.

Maybe an option to make a toggle in the general settings of ios

There are many features to do this and related restrictions. The one most specifically for this is called Prevent Editing in the Always-on Services panel. Guided Access and Single Room Mode are related options, see the Setup Guide.

I tried all those options but that still shows the settings menu, guided access is not desirable to use the ipad only for 1 app.

What I want is for the app to start up in Activities and and be able to select the room nothing else, or am I doing something wrong?

Not using Guided Access fundamentally means “this user is pretty much allowed to do anything” as the iPad has no real security without that. So if you don’t turn it on, the menu is still available even though most editing is technically prevented, but editing can be turned back on without Guided Access. So, just using Prevent Editing may be suitable for a family environment. Adding Guided Access would be needed for anything beyond that where the users are less trusted and you want assurance that they can’t change any related settings.

How about giving an option to select specific rooms, more than 1 room, right now it’s all rooms or just one room in prevent editing mode, use case we may want to give a kid his room and common rooms like home theater and not give access to master bedroom

I tried the guide access, but that’s not what I mean. I understand that the Ipad doesn’t really have any security without the guide access. I just want to prevent anyone from accidentally clicking on the settings menu. And that this can often do with other apps in the settings menu of the operating system (toggle Hide settings menu)