Issues Setting up Triggers with Samsung Smart Things Hub

I’ve followed the instructions (I think!) on how to setup my SmartThings Hub to trigger Simple Control. However when I open the Simple Sync Trigger App, I Set the Simple Sync Connection but when I press Next all I get is a blank page.

If I press Done I get: Error saving unnamed page please contact developer

Any thoughts on what I’ve done wrong/how to fix would be greatly appreciated.


This issue just started a day or two ago and is a change on the SmartThings side. We don’t have any further information yet.

This affects creation of new SmartApp Triggers only. Existing triggers continue to work fine. This does not affect communication from the app to SmartThings. Only SmartThings-side Triggers to Simple Hub. Whether this will be fixed via changes to the scripts we publish or if the SmartThings side will be fixed by SmartThings to return working apps to a working state is unclear at this point. Likely the issue affects many apps on their side.

Thank you.

We found a fix for this on our side and republished the Simple Hub SmartThings integration pack with the update. That can be found on this page as usual: … up-guides/

For those who have already installed it in the past, you will want to update just the Simple-Sync-DeviceType.groovy SmartApp in your SmartThings account and then Publish -> For Me.

Thank you.

Any chance of adding these to a GitHub repository for a more streamlined update process?