Issues with roomie and pandora on a onkyo nr808

When I fire up pandora or Internet radio on roomie, I have stuttering. But when I close roomie the stuttering goes away. If I touch the remote arrows to pick pandora or Internet radio it jumps all around. It gets better, if I go into the menu of pandora when it’s a playing a song it quits…it’s all most like the song title and roomie do not get along. Any suggestions?

That was a known issue (aka bug) in the 2011 model year from Onkyo/Integra that was not fixed until the 2012 models. If you select “Older Models” instead of the default when adding the receiver as a device, Roomie will remove some of its queries for those models which works around the problem.

Thank you.

Thanks! Actually that is what I tried and it works so far.