ISY-99 Device Status

Can you tell me if ISY-99 device status for more than one device was added to Roomie 1.7?

Where can I find the enhancements and bug fix list for 1.7? The blog entry cites checking the website for this info, but I can’t find it.

The feedback for the default device with the ISY. As 1.7 was delayed for actually quite a while, 1.8 is pretty far along now and multi-device lighting feedback is looking like it’s going to make it into that.

The 1.7 feature/improvement/fix list is here:

Multi-device lighting feedback is a great step forward for us folks who like to independently control lighting. Creating an activity that has all of my lighting in one “remote” screen with feedback will be great!

This is definitely a 1.8 feature now. It also automatically figures out which room each light is in so that each light and slider panel matches the room.

This is great news. Thank you for making this happen. I now have a single application to use in both of my homes for complete entertainment, lighting and hopefully (seeing the Nest thread), environmental. The marriage between your product, the ISY controller, IP control and Global Cache hardware integration is great! The guide work is the best in the industry. I’ve used all the others and Roomie is by far the best.