Isy-994 program set

I see there is a .PROGRAM SET in Roomie, and I have programs set up in the ISY-994…but how do I call them from Roomie? Specifically, I would like a single command in the Activity setup for powering down my system, not a button. I’ve create a Program in the ISY that starts with a three minute delay, and then shutdown a series of lights, with 10 second intervals, as I leave the room for the evening using a Roomie Shutdown activity I’ve created

Even when setting .PROGRAM SET in the activity definition, it seems Roomies wants a MAC address entered - PROGRAMS in the ISY don’t use a six digit mac address of course, so I’m not sure how to “call” that particular program


A message requesting you enter your iOS MAC Address into Roomie is not related to the ISY. That is more likely something to do with either a Samsung TV, Dish Hopper, or a couple other devices. Those are the only devices that require us to send a MAC.

Meanwhile, the .PROGRAM RUN command in Roomie’s ISY control can be used to run ISY programs.

Thank you.