ISY-994i vs. Insteon 2412N

I’m considering returning the Insteon 2412N that I purchased to connect my extensive Insteon network to Roomie to get the ISY-994i instead. Reasons: 1) 994i theoretically can auto-discover my Insteon devices, and 2) Roomie can ‘see’ the Insteon devices from the 994i when you set up a Roomie activity (this doesn’t seem to work with 2412N, only sees devices you manually enter), 3) Roomie can get brightness/status feedback from 994i but not from 2412N. Can any user that is using the 994i confirm that I’m correct in my three assumptions? Also, can any 2412N user confirm that I’m not doing anything wrong with 2412N setup (i.e. confirm I’m correct that none of this works with 2412N and that only basic device control with manually entered device codes works)?

The ISY-994i is a major upgrade from the 2412N. If you’re not going to go all the way to Lutron, it is definitely the way to go in our opinion. Those 3 statements are correct. Roomie 1.8 also brings more functionality that will work with Lutron and ISY, but not the 2412N.

Just piling on, I have 3 ISY units and they are wonderful. The program capabilities are good (could be better but they’ve been focussing on broad support). Blows away the other Insteon controllers out there (the home I’m at has one of the largest insteon networks I know of and I think the largest residential one once the add-on is finished, I couldn’t do it without my ISY)

Does Roomie support the ISY-99i as well?

Yes, we list that model as supported: