ISY99/Insteon Feedback by Device

Current implementation makes you put a default insteon device for the entire room in order to get feedback on brightness. Please move the entry of reporting device to the feedback device button so you can see/set multiple devices in a room.

Any plans for this? I want to set up a remote with several feedbacks. The way I invision it is, allowing me to set the feedback based on the “button-type-display” that way a single remote the connects to my isy can display all lights for a room and there levels. Basically I am after a way to display “rest/status/node” at the remote level. … _Interface



A second feature request as it relates to the isy is the ability to edit the “show in room” remote. That way you can pop up the lighting for the room and not switch out of the main task remote you a more using (example:watching TV but want to adjust lighting quickly and not leave the TV remote)

This is definitely coming (and for Lutron). We’re not sure which release yet though. Maybe 1.8 (probably December’ish).