iTach Flex and Sammy Ex-Link

Hi - great product.

I have a Samsung TV with the Ex-Link port and wanted to be able to power it on. One option is to use the IR, and have the bug on the front of the TV, or to crack open the case and try to embed the emitter in the rear (neither are preferred for obvious reasons).

So I was thinking of getting the iTach Flex. So my question is do I need a 3.5m to DB9 cable from the Flex and then a DB9 to 3.5m to go into the Sammy? Can I just go 3.5m to 3.5m?

The same cable used for other iTach models should work fine, you would just attach that to the existing serial cable for the Flex: … B004T9BBJC

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Thanks, but do you think a 3.5m to 3.5m would work just as well? I can save $20 on the flex by omitting the serial cable.

That sounds extremely unlikely. The Global Port has more conductors.

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So to connect the Flex to a Samsung with a 3.5 port, I need two cables, correct? The … B004T9BBJC

3.5 to female serial cable, and the 3.5 to male serial cable - I cannot connect via a straight 3.5 to 3.5 mm cable?

Did you ever find out if could go 3.5mm to 3.5mm? I’m about to purchase an EX-Link TV and was hoping to avoid the bulk of the additional cables. Thanks!

I think you need the cables. Although they are both 3.5mm, the configuration of the contacts is different. If you give me a few days I will try it straight through, but I’m not optimistic.

Did anyone figure out the pinouts for this? Looking at the cable with the 3.5mm connectors. The plug only has two contacts. So it should work either straight through or by splicing the cable and reversing the two wires. There are not any additional choices.

I never got any clarity, so just purchased the older iTach serial device (that has the RS-232 port) and used the recommended re-232 to 3.5 mini cable, and it works for my Samsung EX-Link

I was concerned about putting the jack into my very expensive tv, so i decided against testing and went ahead and bought the recommended cable. It works like a charm.

So as long as the Samsung TV has an ex-link connection it should be able to be controlled with a serial connection?

Roomie works great with my ~ 4 year old Samsung plasma with an Ex-Link.

Does anyone know if there is any difference between the Samsung Ex-Link ports or the Samsung with the “Service” port?

Hello all,

I am wondering about plugging the itach flex wifi directly into the ex-link on the back of my samsung tv using a male to male 3.5 mm stereo connector cable. Will this work? Has anyone else tried this?

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Merged into prior existing thread. We haven’t yet heard any confirmation that a direct stereo connection works for EX-Link so unless Global Caché or users confirm that, we’d recommend using the standard Flex Serial Cable with a short adapter cable like this:

Cables to Go Velocity DB9 Male to 3.5mm Male Adapter Cable 1.5 Feet

Thank you.