iTach Flex Serial - Add Device

Just a quick note that the new firmware for the iTach Flex has been released and is now live in the current release of iHelp on the Global Caché website. Note that the normal method for adding a serial device with an IP2SL or WF2SL does not work with the iTach Flex Serial in the current Roomie release.

Instead, to add a serial device with the iTach Flex and Roomie 1.8.4, just use Add Device with the Manual IP option and then enter port 4999 and select your serial device as per usual. There is no functional difference between doing that and using the auto-discovery method, but we will be adding auto-discovery for serial with the Flex in a future release.

Thank you.

iTach seems to release only Windows versions of the software, and the 3rd-party site to which they direct Mac users doesn’t seem to have the newer versions of anything.