iTach IP2CC alternatives

I’ve used iTach IP2CC (or IR2CC) relay switches successfully with Simple Control for years now and it has always worked well. I recently installed one in our bedroom’s TV lift cabinet, to raise/lower the TV. While it worked perfectly, unfortunately my wife has dog hearing and can apparently hear a very high pitch noise emanating from the IP2CC which keeps her from sleeping. My son can hear it as well, even though I can’t. I tried replacing the iTach unit with a brand new one, but unfortunately it’s the same issue even with the newest generation of the device.

So… I’m looking for an alternative solution - same exact functionality and needs to be compatible with Simple Control. Are there any other such devices that are compatible and reliable? Something not made by Global Cache? Anyone ever make something homebrewed with a Raspberry Pi or Adafruit modules perhaps?

IP2CC hasn’t been in our product line since maybe ever. I believe we removed them by 2013. In any case, they’re definitely not the recommended choice.

A Simple Blaster with Simple Relay Cable is the modern solution to that.

Thanks Will - I was hoping for a solution that wouldn’t set me back $200, though I agree that looks like it should work and is natively supported.