iTach IP2IR cable to FIOS settop box

My FIOS DVR(QIP-7232) has a remote IR input jack. Can I run a cable from iTach directly into the IR input jack?



Here is some info I found on my question:

In order to know if the connecting block input is directly compatible with our IR output, you will need to find the specifications for the input jack on your hardware. In order to safely connect our output to any IR input, you will need to make sure that any voltage supplied by the Verizon input jack is isolated out, so as to prevent any voltage from being applied to our connector from the outside. Also, the input voltage threshold must match our output voltage in order for the device to respond to the commands. If the input threshold for the device is a 12V threshold, then you will need to use a conversion cable to change our output voltage to a 12V signal. This cable is called the GC-CGX cable, and should be available at any Global Caché distributor. I have provided a link to our sensors and cables available on the website below. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Person that this reply waa aimed at tried it and it does not work in that application. It is designed to accept ir cmds from a remote ir receiver(like I have on my bedroom fios box.