iTach IP2IR to Logitech PS3 adaptor

Since im moving from a harmony implementation to Roomie, I’ve read that I can use the PS3 adaptor i already have. I assume I just need an adaptor cable to connect them (e.g 3.5mm itach connector to 2.5mm logitech PS3 adaptor)? Or am i missing something bigger. Also, the FAQs state the control is better with the Schwarz adaptor - what problems should i expect?

THanks Mike

The Schwartz adapter is generally the top of the line solution:

That consolidates commands and makes things generally more robust. However, that does not mean the cheaper Schwartz or the Harmony adapter don’t do the job. It may just sometimes require you to do it twice or things like that.

A 2.5 - 3.5mm adapter such as this one is something we have tested successfully with other products when used with the iTach: … hersoft-20

However, we haven’t tested that explicitly as an input into the Harmony PS3 adapter. We think it is likely that would work.

An additional review of these topics is here: