iTach IR wired to Rotel REM IN?

Rather than driving IR emitters, can the Global Caché iTach TCP/IP to IR outputs wire directly to the REM IN input on the RSP-1570 Surround Sound Processor?

Obviously, the outputs are meant to drive LEDs? Do the signals align with the processor’s expected inputs?

The iTach’s specification page says the connector is: “3.5mm stereo jack”.

The Rotel manual says:

REM IN Jacks Four 3.5 mm mini-jacks (labeled EXT, ZONE 2, ZONE 3, and ZONE 4) receive command codes from a third-party infrared receiver or Rotel remote zone keypad, These remote IR inputs are used when the IR signals from a hand held remote control cannot reach the front panel IR sensor.

EXT: The EXT jack is used with an outboard IR receiver to duplicate the front panel IR sensor. This feature is useful when the unit is installed in a cabinet and the front panel sensor is blocked or when IR signals need to be relayed to other components.

Consult your authorized Rotel dealer for information on external receivers and the proper wiring of 3.5mm mini-plugs to fit the REM IN jacks.

Note: The IR signals from the REM IN EXT and REM IN ZONE 2–4 jacks can be relayed to source components using external IR emitters or hard-wired connections from the IR OUT jacks. See the following section for additional information.

Thanks for your help. There doesn’t seem to be information on the signals.


Most of the inputs on receivers and such work fine with the iTach IR.

You would use something like this to connect that:

Mono to Mono 6ft Cable

Just need to be careful about Xantech products generally for which the adapter cable is required: