Itunes match

Roomie can control itunes when itunes is running on a pc/laptop. But it would be great if it was possible to use my music from itunes in Roomie without having a running laptop/pc. Would it generally be possible to integrate intunes match in Roomie in order to have access to all my itunes music ? What I try to explain is: I use my ipad and there I can access my itunes music without having the itunes software running on another computer by using the itunes match service. Would be great to have the same with my ipad and Roomie

Hmmm… the downside is that your iPad or iPhone becomes a content source not just a controller. It has to stay on and running to keep streaming the music.

I use my AppleTV for iTunes Match. That avoids needing a computer or other music source and the AppleTV is always on anyway. The $100 investment is pretty reasonable if you don’t have one already.

I second the appletv solution. I bought one just for video airplay, but finding things like itunes match an added benefit, since it is on always