Itunes .playlist set parameters

I saw in a previous topic in 2012 that “.playlist set” functionality and a tutorial was planned, and a user also wrote that .Airplay set was working… I too have a Mac Mini as my itunes server.


I try to use “.playlist set playlistname” (for parameter 1) but this does not appear to work.

Am I doing something wrong, missing a parameter or syntax, or is it simply not implemented yet?

anyway to do this? (without enlisting remote buddy if possible)



The command name is “.PLAYLIST SET”. Parameter 1 is the playlist name then. The parameter is not “.playlist set playlistname”.

So, command “.PLAYLIST SET” and then parameter 1 is “Recent” for instance.

Thank you.

Thanks for the response…

Yes of course, I am not an idiot :stuck_out_tongue: the above was for example and in italics! Using the actual setlist name is not working for me.

parameter 1 = KCRW (where KCRW is the playlist name)

i tried a couple of my other playlist names as well, but no joy.

any other ideas?

I too have tried this, no luck running lates iTunes and roomie remote, will appreciate a manual or probably just instructions from roomie, thanks

We cannot reproduce an issue here and no related issues have been reported to support. We’d recommend contacting support.

Thank you.