iTunes Setup

I am trying to setup iTune in SimpleHome but iTunes is not showing up / being auto discovered. Will was heplful yesterday and let me know to figure out the port to manually add a device refer to the Device Compatibility chart. Unfortunately for iTunes there is no port listed. Is there a way to manually add this?

I am starting to think I may be asking the wrong question. Is there something on my network that would prevent certain devices from being auto discovered.

My DirectTV boxes, FireTV, and simple hub show up OK. My Global Cache units, iTunes so far do not show up.

Thanks in advance.

Not being able to discover iTunes or other major devices indicates a serious issue on your network that should first be resolved.

First, just restart your iOS device to make sure it’s not spurious.

We have a knowledge base article that expands from there. The router is typically the culprit: … y-network/

iTunes and a few other devices are indeed special cases. They must be discovered, not added manually due to the information and authentication performed during the discovery.

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply. I read you attached article, it doesn’t give much guidance other than the one for the actiontec router. I do have FIOS, but have the new quantum router which is different, and doesn’t seem to have the IGMP setting.

I should have been a little more clear that I do see SimpleHub show up automatically, which is running on the same Mac as iTunes. Is there are setting on the Mac / iTunes that I may need to configure?

I managed to get the autodiscovery working, it turned out that sharing wasn’t enabled in iTunes. iTunes --> Preferences --> Share my Library on my local Network.

Once I checked that all was fine.