iTunes Windows connecting speed

Whenever I start the itunes remote for the first time or when i haven’t used the app for a while its takes a while to connect and shows the volume level and track playing etc. I dont know maybe if this is due to the size of my itunes library or anything? is it indexing this or something? Can anything be done to speed this up?

Also I like to drill down to play music by Genre and then Album as you can do in the iphone remote app, however I can only find on this you can go Genre and then Artist. Would it be possible to add the option to go Genre -> Album.

Great App btw keep up the good work! now starting to use my GC-100 to its full potential, now to buy an itach for the cinema room!

A lot of factors might play into that. For instance if you let your hard disks spin down on your OS X system, connecting to iTunes might require them to spin up that takes many seconds. Even with relatively large libraries, you should not notice that much of a delay. The speed of your iOS device may also be a factor.

The server running is a pc and disks arnt set to sleep after any time period the apple itunes remote app also has no delay connecting whenever its accessed so i cant see the problem being with PC. The connection is slow on both iphone 4 and ipad2 so device speed shouldnt be no issue.

Any way of drilling from genre to albums or should i add a seperate post to feature requests? Thanks.