Jeff Rowland

How do I request the inclusion of the Jeff Rowland audio equipment in your supported equipment library?

I have the Capri pre-amplifier and the model 102 stereo amplifier and would like to include them in my Roomie set-up.


While those models are not in the library, it is always possible to learn IR codes for new devices using these instructions:

I beseech you to add the IR remote controls for the Jeff Rowland preamp. There are only 6 buttons. input (a toggle for 4 inputs), mute, volume up, volume down, balance left and balance right (there is no on-off switch as these units are always on). These are high end amps that many audiophiles use.

I read the tutorial for the iLearn program several time, each time getting more confused. It assumes knowledge I simply do not have. I am a scientist and musician not an engineer.