JRiver MC support

Would be nice to have the same integration of JRiver MC as for XBMC. I now use JRemote to control JRiver MC and use Roomie for pre-amp volume control etc so need to swap between two apps all the time. I use XMBC for movies and it works great with Roomie, but would prefer to use JRiver MC as well for movies. Support for JRiver would make it possible to control both music and movie selection and audio gear all from one app.




I have used jRiver for many years and it would be terrific if Roomie added support. If you contact JRiver (Matt @ JRiver dot com) there is a good chance they would issue a free license to Roomie engineering/devs.



Native support for J River would make Roomie the ultimate control solution…I have been hoping since I purchased Roomie close to 2 years ago. Please devs - take a serious look at adding support for the best media center out there.


Add me to the list of those requesting JRiver MC support. A great product that deserves Roomie Remote consideration.


Yes please JRiver support!

Adding another voice for Jriver support. A lot of my peers no longer watch TV but source their material online and thru JRMC. Jriver support in Roomie would be huge - I use JRemote now which is a stellar app but i would love integration wiith my other devices!!

Another vote for JRiver!

Another vote from me.


Today I launch JRemote using a silent url button but then have to relaunch Roomie again.
For those functions like next, prev, play, stop and pause I have to manually build buttons and call urls to the mcws API.

Having a JRiver Media Guide and Media control would be awesome.


Yes. please.



I would add that I’m waiting for this as well. I have settled on Roomie long ago and recently I had to move from XBMC/Kodi to Jriver for more features.

So, I control my Jriver with MCE Remote but I miss the fantastic guide that XBMC has.


+1 for this, Currently I launch JRemote from within Roomie and then switch back after adding the playlist to the zone. Then in Roomie I’ve set up some custom “open url” buttons to control the media. No feedback though.

They have an easy to use Web Services API


+1 for integration with Jriver