JSON support for Plex Home Theater

Would you guys consider updating the Plex device to include a JSON option (identical to XBMC)? The new Plex Home Theater release doesn’t support the current Plex configuration, but DOES work okay with the XBMC JSON option (default port is TCP 3005 in PHT).

We’ll take a quick look at this soon. The new XBMC Frodo support should hopefully all be immediately adaptable to it. We will need to activate all the new 1.8 XBMC feedback to make sure it works with Plex there assuming Plex is using all of XBMC.

I need this functionality as well. It’s the only thing stopping me from going to the new version of plex

Hey odog -

The good news is that you can use the XBMC media player device (JSON support) on port 3005 for controlling Plex Home Theater. You’ll want to make a custom control because there are a billion XBMC options that don’t work, but they weren’t available on the old Plex remote design anyway.

Tip: Make sure you include the “Home” button in your remote design. The navigation buttons all work, but “Back” won’t take you out of the Plex search dialog. Home seems to do that just fine.

Just transitioned from Plex to Plex Home Theatre PVR as well. Glad to hear support is coming!

I see that we now have a JSON option on the plex device - awesome. However, the SHUTDOWN command doesn’t seem to be supported. Is that a Roomie oversight or a plex one?

Looks like PHT supports it. Here’s the URL: … uit%22%7d/

The above works if you use a URL command in Roomie.

We’ve added that to the next library update for both XBMC/JSON and Plex HT.

Awesome, thanks!

I have installed the latest version of plex plus updated to roomie 1.8.3. I’ve add a new device newts selected the new Json remote under plex. I try one of the buttons on the test remote and it does work, even though the command line shows blue.

Do I need to activate/turn on something else for Json to work?


Plex Home Theater does not seem to have gone live yet at the Plex site. You need to be a paying Plex customer in order to see it as a public download during the pre-release period. That means you have the old Plex controlled by the non-JSON command set.

Thank you.

Ah cool. Yeah I’ve got a PlexPass… was just holding out for a stable release from Plex. Will give PHT a try, thanks.

Do I need to config anything in Plex or Roomie to use port 3005? Or will it connect automatically to that port?

I’ve been using PHT for a while. It’s very stable. Make sure and delete PMC as having both installed will cause remote issues (with either apple remote or remote buddy). I think the latest Roomie will find it automatically.

Thanks NewfD90, always a pleasure


You’re welcome. Glad to help.

Installed Plex home theatre (was waiting for aeon skin) and roomie can find xmbc json, but not plex json. I’ve created a new device using manual ip through port 3005, which works for the main buttons (up, down, left, right, fast forward…). Buttons such as fullscreen and subtitles don’t work. Is this because I’ve added the device manually? Also tried to use auto detected xmbc json, but that doesn’t work at all.