Just added an Epson 5030 projector and Elite electric screen

I have a stable system currently working with a large flat screen as my primary viewing device. I have multiple devices sending through my AV processor. I will continue to use that flat screen as my daily viewer. Am using ir to control processor for switching between devices. Powering devices and controlling them via ir or ip. On occasions when I want to use the projector and screen instead is my new challenge. My processor has two switchable HDMI outputs. All inputs are through this processor, audio and video. Is there an efficient way to use my current setup and run a secondary command set to change the processor HDMI output, turn on projector, lower screen OR should I set up and entirely new set of commands for watching Directv, Apple TV and Bluray. If i do that my Roomie screen gets really busy. Looking for advice as to the cleanest, most efficient way to switch from flat screen to projector and still maintain good control over all inputs. I am using a combination of ir and ip commands depending on various components capability. Any advice will be appreciated.

My system is a plasma monitor and projector. I choose to create a second room for the projector. As my AV processor does not have a second HDMI port, I added an HDMI splitter that does not switch the output, i.e. the output is sent to both displays. The dropdown screen is controlled when the projector turns on/off. The only thing Roomie needs to do is turn on the correct display when in using that room. It also keeps the list of activities short and specific to each room. The only issue is that if a change is made it usually needs to be entered twice.

A lot of features have been added since I first set this up. You may not have to create everything twice now.

Hope this helps.

We have two seriously complex test rooms that use both a TV and Projector and it works great combined into the same Roomie room. For a while, we were indeed recommending setting such things up as two rooms as the best practice, but the addition of Activity Modes and Activity Conditions makes this quite workable as one room now.

The typical recommended setup now for that is two Toggle Mode Activities, “Projector” and “TV” for instance. The state of those Activities is then set as an Activity Condition for any command in any other Activity if the command is specific to one or the other mode.

Thank you.

I have not tried Toggle Mode Activities. What does the user experience?

My system has to “just work” and change is always difficult. Recently, switched from satellite to OTA television. I needed to keep the OTA activity selection in the same place as the satellite activity was on the screen. As well as the remote design needed to be similar.