JVC projectors X35/55/75/95 : power on via IP seem to be bro


I think that the power on via IP function is now broken on JVC projectors X35/55/75/95.

The fucntion was ok few months ago but now it’s now broken.

i don’t know why but another user laurie has the same problem.

More informations here : devices-and-codes-archives/add-new-ip-rs232-codes-for-jvc-projector-dla-lens-memory-f-t9205.html

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There have been no changes to those codes. It’s not the kind of thing that would be on the Roomie side anyway. More likely, there is a setting that needs to be flipped on the projector just like receivers:


You would want to contact JVC support if you can’t find such a setting as power via IP does work for many JVC projector users with Roomie.

Thank you.

Yes you’re right Roomie !

Deactivating the eco mode on the projector solve the problem.

Thanks for your help.

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