Keyboard support for Logitech Revue

I got my Logitech Revue working with Roomie via IR, but there is no way to enter keystrokes, which makes the interface very lacking. The number pad in the Roomie interface works just fine in text fields, as do the dash and backspace buttons. Is there any way you could add a button to pop up the standard iOS keyboard to enable text entry with the Logitech Revue over IR, please? Thank you!!

Any trick to getting the IR to work with Revue? I get no response from any remote commands

I’m not sure what’s going on with the Logitech Revue IR, but if I position the blaster (port 3 on my IP2IR) right in front of the Revue, it seems to work okay, but then nothing else in my cabinet does. So I ended up taping a different IR cable/transmitter (port 1 on my IP2IR) to the front of the Logitech Revue, right above its IR receiver, and even then, it’s pretty hit and miss getting commands to be recognized by it. I’ve all but given up. I think the only hope I have of getting this to work is if Roomie gets IP connectivity to work with it.