Kinovo HS420


I am using the L5 ir device and found the kinovo switcher but not the specific model that I use. The IR codes do not work for my model and when I try to “teach” the IR codes I get BIG X and cannot teach it. I tried other remotes and roomie learns their ir codes just fine. It is only with kinovo that I get and error.

This is the one I am using. Please help as the entire setup is of no value unless I can use the switcher.


Three options.

  1. First, the device looks like a rebranded Monoprice. We wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Monoprice codes already in the library work with it.
  2. Some remotes (as you can see) are finicky at best. The angle and distance are factors when learning codes. “Trying again” is actually good advice.
  3. Contacting the manufacturer is always an option as well. If you do that, just ask for “Pronto-style” hex codes. Those can be put right into Roomie using the DDK.

Thanks. Can you please provide me instruction on using the DDK.



That’s located here: