L5 not appear in Add device

I have iPad 2 running 1.8 version roomie remote with IR and Home Theater Pack.

I ordered the L5 and followed the installation instructions. It does not show up when adding a device to a room. It does show up in the roomie main settings when adding Custom Devices. So I added my Dish as a custom. Programmed a couple of buttons. But it does not show up anywhere or in any rooms.

When I go to Living Room and Add a device: the L5 does not show up anywhere. It does run perfectly from its own software. It has done a firmware update. I have deleted my roomie and reinstalled which performed a full download and library update.

So what now???

Ok i kept uplugging and plugging back in. Now it shows up.

Selecting Dish Network - the test remote when setting up does nothing. The learning features will not learn any commands. When saved; it scolls the dish box on an off every 4 seconds but will not actually control dish with the remote.

So here is how i got it to work:

Do not have the L5 plugged in until you want to add a device. Hit Add Device and go to the Choose controller Screen. Then plug in the L5. It will appear on screen and you can add a device like Dish network. My TV, dish and blu ray are now working properly doing it this way. Yours may work differently as this may be a glitch with mine. This tells me that the L5 stores its own memory and is pathed from Roomie for commands.

We have recently discovered a bug where the L5 does not show up initially unless something else is also in the Add Device list. One workaround is to do exactly what you did above. Another workaround is to have any device in the compatibility list on your network (such as run iTunes on your Mac or PC.) We’ll be fixing that in a future maintenance release.
Thank you.

Well hey, at the price point and features that roomie offers - - it’s great. As far as glitches go, it is a very small one.