Launch Apps On Apple TV 4K

I just ordered an apple tv 4K for a room. Before it arrives and i set it up for the first time i would like to know if there is a way to launch apps directly like you can roku channels or the .launch on fire stick and nvidia shield.

I use the voice command functionality to do this.

so no way to launch apps directly like plex or netflix with an activity?

Record a voice command that says “open Netflix” and it will do the trick

If you don’t want to use voice command, setup a shortcut in the Shortcuts app on whatever device you are using. You can create shortcuts to open applications on Apple TV devices. See the thread below.

I have recorded a voice command under the activity setup but it does not appear to work here. Ideally it would open “app” for me but what does appear to work is if i go to the design editor and make a button with .voice command, but this is not what i’m looking for. I want it to launch the app when i tap on the activity and it appears the voice command in this section doesn’t work. Can anyone else verify? What it does is it just says on the screen i couldn’t hear you, like its not actually recording what i’m saying.

update: It appears if i record my command and then hit the test button it works, but when i hit save and then restart the activity it doesn’t work. This might be a bug?

There were fixes here in 6.1.0. We believe this area now works well based on user reports and our testing. You should now be able to launch ATV apps (or issue whatever other voice commands to ATV4) from Activity Start commands, or from custom buttons without issue.