Launchport with Buttons

This product was just announced from Launchport. I don’t know exactly how it works yet if the buttons only communicate using Lutron clear connect, but this would make Roomie unbelievable if you could build in support to configure the buttons. Would love to have hard buttons for volume and system off.

I saw it at CEDIA as well. The only thing we’d need is support for the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro. The Launchport buttons are actually a Lutron Pico remote and they would therefore operate as “phantom” buttons in the Lutron program, so they could be mapped to any function, just as they would in Lutron’s Ra2 programming. The only thing we’d need is for the SmartBridge Pro to be supported in Roomie.

There is actually quite a bit more needed than that. What’s needed is a way to trigger a Roomie action based on an external event. In other words, if I press a button on the LaunchPort with Buttons, Roomie needs to observe that from the Lutron system, and based upon that, trigger a Roomie-level action.

Fortunately, we anticipated that and a new Triggers feature in 3.0 should be able to address this device. That hasn’t yet been confirmed though. We plan to take a look.

Thank you.

Will the Triggers feature also make this able to work with, for instance, IFTTT? If THEN <Roomie:Run Activity:Listen to Whole House Music>

Triggers in 3.0.0 supports Lutron Radio RA2 and SmartBridge Pro, and more watch devices will be supported over time.

At this point 3.0.0 was finished 9/15, so a number of things have been added since then, but Apple’s queues for apps are so backed up that there is a huge delay.

Thank you.