Learning Missing IR Commands

I believe that most users will, like me, find a device in the IR Control Pack that is a close match to their equipment. That is, close but not perfect. There are likely to be a few missing commands. For example, the Default Scientific Atlanta Cable box in my setup is missing the important screen “Aspect” command. It is not immediately obvious how to learn this missing command, since the Roomie system only offers IR learning when the desired device is not available in the IR Control Pack and is not an option in Add Device. Since I am using the listed Default Scientific Atlanta cable box for commands, learning of new or missing commands is not available.

My solution to this problem is to add an imaginary “Auxiliary Device” under control of the iTach WF2IR, IR Port 3. I give this device a model name not listed in the IR Control Pack such as “My Auxiliary” so that all of its commands must be learned. I then add and learn a new “Aspect” command for this auxiliary device and attach this command to a new “Aspect” button on the Roomie control.

This technique allows using the generic devices in the IR Control Pack for the great majority of needed commands and learning only those few commands that cannot be found there.

If there is a missing command in an existing set, we will add it. In the case of the command you mention, that may be the “FORMAT SCROLL” command that is already there. The idea that a missing code would be common or apply to many users we don’t believe is the case. Because we normalize command names so that one manufacturer’s funky command names are the same as everyone else for the same function, some commands are not always named exactly the same as the original remote, but they are there.

The technique you outline though is indeed the correct way to add codes to a command set. Though we would suggest instead making it exactly the same as the device you’re supplementing including the type and then giving it a model name of “Supplemental Commands”.

Thank you. The “Scroll Format” command is indeed equivalent to screen “Aspect”. Very well done.

I still find this technique useful for unusual commands that I wouldn’t expect to find in the IR Control Pack. For example, Apple TV will respond to IR commands for “Skip Forward” and “Skip Back” that allow jumping by a few minutes at a time within a video replay. There are half a dozen other such hidden Apple TV commands. I only know about these commands because my old Harmony remote provides them in its Apple TV implementation. They are not provided in the original Apple TV controller itself, and so wouldn’t be expected to appear in the IR Control Pack.

as a noobie, going forward on this…

You add the ‘new’ device, add the ir commands you want. Add the device to the activity and then add its buttons to the combined remote Roomie makes.

Is that about the procedure?


Yes, that is a good summary of the process. Works well for me.