Legacy user question

I am an original Roomie user. At the time I purchased Roomie Remote, Infrared Control Pack and Home theatre pack.
My hardware setup includes iTach Ethernet to Infrared Adapter IP2IR
In addition to the Roomie/Simple Control library of devices I also created several custom devices (using remote learning).

I currently have Simple Control 4.5.8 running on an old iPad.

Question: is there a path for me to upgrade to the current Roomie software while keeping my legacy devices and hardware? Or do I need to discard everything and start from scratch?

The thing you will most likely need to replace is the “old iPad”. Other than that, it should be straightforward. See link below and support provides a much more detailed response to this kind of question:

Will thanks. You recommend to replace the “old iPad”. However, the link you suggested says: “Simply leave your older app installed on your iOS device and purchase the Roomie Remote 6 app on the same device”.
I would definitely like to move away from the old iPad. Will I be able to move Roomie Remote 6 with the old configuration to a new iPhone (or a new iPad) once I complete the recommendation in the link?

Make a Roomie backup before you do anything of course. Then one way to transfer to a new device is to backup your iOS device and restore to the new device. Certainly that is one way to make sure your config is transferred. But in case of any hiccup, you have your Roomie backup to restore directly.