Lexicon, Lumagen and Marantz Serial?

I didn’t see it in the RS 232 list…

are there, or can someone write serial code for the following?

Lexicon MC-8 (IR code already done)

Lumagen Radience XS ( IR code already done)

marantz DV9600 Universal DVD SACD Player


I don’t think we ever will see IP for those and i would prefer hardware rather than IR/RF…



We have a custom device DDK that allows addition of new devices like that:


I was hoping there were some guru’s up to the task for a little $$

Try here for the Lumagen.


Here is the link to Lexicon MC-8 serial communication information

lexicon.com/downloads/produc … efRev1.pdf

Unfortunately, I am a newbie and not sure how to put this info into the proper file and format to work.

I can’t work with it, I am not knowledgeable at all about the configuration, unless I have given little tips.