LG 9700 47"led tv

Hello, I just purchased a LG 9700 tv. I am wondering if Roomie can control this tv ? The remote looks like it is rf based. Could you give me some advice as to what may work with Roomie. Thank you

Are you sure that’s the correct model number? If so, can you provide a link to some information on it? All we’re finding at the 9700 model number for LG is a bunch of cell phones.

Hello , I apologize it is the LG 47 LM 9600

Have you tried the normal LG TV command sets code group 1 and 2?

I have not tried anything other than looked at the tv and realized that it is rf controlled remote with no rs 232 serial control port. I also don’t see a infared eye? so i am wondering where to start? I have used Roomie with global cache devices and rs 232 but not sure if this will work with ip control? The tv does have a Magic mouse remote app (available in the app store)that controls the tv, But I don’t know how I would incorporate it into Roomie?I also spoke to there tech support, No help?

You could try using the blaster first as it doesn’t really matter where the IR receiver is on the TV with that.

Is there a chance the lg might be ip controllable ? I am not seeing the device show up in the add device column?

Definitely not IP controllable per the compatibility chart:


Is there a chance that this tv may be supported in the future for IP control? maybe the compatibility list might get updated?

We plan to take another look at LG TVs in the 2013 models to see if they add power support via IP. Until then, it’s mostly an academic exercise where users still need IR control anyway.

So is it safe to say that the LG 47lm9600 will work with an ir control module(global cache)? I will buy another one I guess, if that is the only way that i may be able to use the tv at this time? Quick question before I do, how long could an emitter cable be? My ir 2ir is in another room about 50 feet away from the tv( I thought rather than buying a new one I still have a port left and thought perhaps I may be able to extend the emitter cable).

The cables can be extremely long. We have some extension cables here:

astore.amazon.com/cyphersoft-20? … TF8&node=9