Are the LG B6 and C6 OLED televisions supported for IP control with wake-on-lan? The compatibility section only lists the E6 and G6, and I want to be sure before I buy a new television.

They should work because they say they support WebOS 3, but we haven’t tested it so we can’t say for sure. Also, the E6/G6 support Wake on LAN for full IP control, so that would be an important aspect to test on the B6/C6.

Thank you.

For the e6/g6, does wake-on-lan work over wifi, or only over Ethernet?

My OLED65B6P showed up today.

WOL works with the B6 over wifi. I had to play around with simple control until the PIN screen popped up on my TV and iPad after adding the WebOS TV. LG Connect Apps has to be enabled on the television in the Network menu as well. At first I could get WOL to work over wifi or ethernet, but then I found a setting called “Mobile TV On” under the “General Settings” menu. This enables other wireless network devices to turn on the television according to the OSD(I read this as wake-on-lan). Wake on lan worked fine after enabling this.

I’m having trouble replicating your success. I’ve tried with the TV both on LAN and WiFi. I’ve used the “test remote” to invoke the PIN screen and the commands all work. Mobile TV is On.

Powering down works fine, as do all the other network commands from SimpleControl. But sending the +WAKE_ON_LAN message doesn’t wake up the TV.

Is WAKE ON LAN still working for you? What firmware version are you on? Any other settings I should be looking at?


I couldn’t get my LG B6 (2016 model) to Power On/Wake on LAN, but the other day I finally cracked the code. It’s been working perfectly ever since. Note that my B6 is connected via ethernet, but I assume this would work over wi-fi as well. I had also given the B6 a static IP address in my router.

Here are my settings on the LG B6:

NETWORK > Wired Connection [Ethernet] (Click on this setting to see the B6’s MAC address, which you’ll need both to set up a static IP address and to do Wake on LAN in Simple Control.)

NETWORK > LG Connect Apps > ON

GENERAL > Mobile TV On > ON

GENERAL > Standby Light > ON (So that the red light on the front of the TV is illuminated when it’s in Standby mode.)

GENERAL > Quick Start+ > ON (So that when you power off the TV, it doesn’t actually power all the way off, but instead sits in Standby mode. From what I can tell, if this setting is off, the TV won’t respond to Wake on LAN.)

Here’s how I set up the LG B6 in Simple Control:

  1. Add Device > LG TV (WebOS)

  2. After you choose your initial settings, hit Save, then back out of the Edit menu completely.

  3. Hit the Edit icon again, and go back in to the newly added LG TV and hit Test Remote. I’m pretty sure this is how I got the PIN screen to pop up on the TV for pairing. Enter the PIN in Simple Control.

  4. Add or Edit an Activity, and in the list of Start commands, add a command for the LG TV, and choose +Wake On LAN.

  5. The app then jumps back to the Edit Command screen. Here’s where you have to enter the B6’s MAC address (even though it says it’s only necessary for Manual IP devices). At first, I left out the MAC address, and it didn’t work. Just enter the letters/numbers in a single string with no colons. Save.

  6. Edit the System Off activity, and add a Power Off command for the LG TV. Again, be sure to include the MAC address as above.

  7. Customize your various Activity remotes as desired to include commands for the LG B6.

That’s it. Now the B6 always goes into Standby mode (and turns on its red standby light) instead of powering all the way off, and thus it’s receptive to the Wake on LAN command from Simple Control.

I’m not expert enough to know if this is the tidiest, most efficient way to do it, but this worked for me. And hopefully it’ll help anybody else who was as bummed as I was that the B6 wasn’t working with Simple Control.

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I just wanted to take a minute to thank szeszut51168. Finally, I am successful in getting Simple Control to power on my LG B6.

Thank You!

My question about WebOS commands relates to selecting picture modes or aspect ratios. Is there anyway to call these settings up directly or even a scroll of the available settings in the commands available. I know I can get this using the IR but was hoping not to have to to do that. Thanks in advance and thanks to all for posting info on wake on lan as well as launch parameters.

After reading this thread, thought I’d chime in to say thanks as this got my wake on lan working on my C7T oled. The key bit of info for me was putting in the MAC address even though the simplecontrol app tells you it’s not needed.

Cheers, Tim

I’ve gotten WoL working on my C7P so thanks for the configuration instructions.

How well does Simple Control emulate LG’s “Magic Wand”? I’m wondering if I should bother trying it. Or does it even try?

The gesture pad with LG WebOS units (2014+) is a true gesture pad, basically full mouse control. Much better than a ‘wave your remote control in the air’ type thing. Works very well.

I read somewhere that IP control in LG B6 OLED is enabled in US only.

Also want to thank szeszu51168. Without this advice I’d have been lost. All these things are also necessary, as i turns out, to get my LG C7 (OLED65C7P) to power on. I ran into one other snag with my C7 that I would like to share.

Simplecontrol easily connects with the C7 and manages it in every other way, but there is a key problem with +WAKE ON LAN. While it says it says “Manual entry of MAC Address required only for Manual IP devices” that didn’t hold true for me. I had to manually enter the correct MAC address for the TV, even though SimpleControl had detected it on my LAN on its own.

The first time I tried to edit the MAC address on the +WAKE ON LAN command, I got the impression that it wasn’t possible because the UI has a default MAC and the backspace button on the keyboard didn’t seem to be removing it. I later discovered that if you just start typing in the new one, that works OK. Of course, I figured that out after re-creating the device with a manual IP. That works too (port 3000) but is not necessary.

Thanks to szeszut51168, I’ve also gotten this working with my LG B7P. Based on carpedatum’s recommendation, I manually entered the MAC address. I also assigned the LG a static IP address, FWIW.

New here. My B7P is also working. Had to enter MAC address for WOL to work (There was an address autofilled, but it was incorrect).