Lg lm7600 tv

Sounds like the Retransmit Count is too high on the device or the command is otherwise being repeated in the configuration.

The retransmit count is 1. There is just one command for power off. Could the placement of the blaster be a factor?

If you use POWER TOGGLE directly from say the Test Remote button in the TV device, does the TV also cycle off then on?

It works from the power toggle on the test remote, but not my system power off activity.

If you look at the “Start Commands” list for your System Off Activity, what commands does it show in what sequence to which devices?

An easier way to handle this may be to switch it to support so we can look at your configuration to answer the above, but we can probably figure this out here regardless.

It seems to be working now. I deleted the power off sequence for my ip controlled Panasonic DVD player. I also switched Automatic Commands to Off.