LG TV IP Support?


My friend has a LG 55MLM6700-UA that we can spot via roomie’s autodiscovery but it says NULL and cannot be added. How can one add this model manually? Thanks,

Very surprised to hear that our autodiscovery is sort of picking that up. It must be that the new 2013 LG Blu-ray discovery we introduced is a bit too lenient. Regardless, the IP Compatibility list should always be treated as the master list for supported devices.

The last time we looked at LG TVs, they had both a short-lived pairing process which requires direct software support rather than just a simple command set for instance, and they didn’t support power control via IP which is sort of the whole point. Of course, we went ahead and supported Samsung TVs via IP despite both of those points being true for them as well. Certainly we will add support for LG the minute they add power control via IP. In the meantime, it may be possible to get something going with the DDK and we’re always happy to help in support for users that are up for that.

Thank you.

Thank you for your response. So in short, at this point I can only
integrate the LG TV via IR? there is no way to add it manually via IP?


Quirilio Vilorio III

Yes, LG TVs are well controlled via infrared. Some models also offer the serial option which we also support and of course does control power, etc.

Thank you.

I just bought one of these suckers LG 55UB850T 55" Ultra HD 3D LCD-LED Smart TV . It’s the brand new 2014 model. Hopefully it supports power on?

Any chance of getting IP support? They seem to have full control over iOS app.



Would you clarify when you say “full control”, does the LG app turn the TV on? That has certainly never been the case in any previous year and is the reason why there is no LG TV IP support. If they have changed that, we would look into supporting it.

Thank you.