LG tv lost ability to turn on

I have been using Roomie successfully to turn on and control my LG oled tv. Recently, the 2019 tv updated to 05.30.10 and I lost the ability to turn on the tv. I tried disable relay and that didn’t help. Is there any fix other than an IR solution? Super frustrating to have lost this capability.

Not seeing any support tickets on that topic, so I would guess not. In general, assuming no issue here, this thread may be deleted at some point as it is clearly a support ticket, but leaving this up to gather data in case others do have that issue. Make sure to include your model in such tickets, and how you hooked up your TV to your network.

The basic suggestion is very common. Something broke and user therefore blames whatever last seemed to change. Meanwhile, nothing has changed related to this since LG added Wake on LAN in 2016, and no issues have been reported.

So, more likely, the issue here is something like (this is just a partial list):

  • iOS 14.5 Beta changes network permissions in such a way that Wake on LAN does not work and a bunch of other stuff doesn’t either. A Roomie update will be required for iOS 14.5 and we’re on track to release that well before real users run iOS 14.5. So definitely do not run iOS betas right now.
  • The most confusing thing for most users over time is that their TV has 2 MAC Addresses, one for Wi-Fi and one for Ethernet. Not making sure the correct one is entered into the command is a common error.
  • Depending on your model of LG TV, there are settings that need to be turned on in order for Wake on LAN to work. One of those is Settings / General / Mobile TV On and set “Turn on via Wi-Fi” to ON. Another is “Quick Start+”.
  • Make sure to authorize your iOS device for LG TV control while the TV is on before using Wake on LAN.

MAC address was wrong even though I am only using wireless. Feel free to delete thread. Thanks!