LG TV WebOS In-App Keyboard Not Working

I am trying to use the SimpleControl keyboard from within WebOS Apps on my new LG 55UJ6540 TV:

  1. Use SimpleControl to select an app (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Roku, YouTube, etc.) that’s built into the TV.
  2. Go to the app’s search function.
  3. Click in the search entry area.
  4. Attempt to use SimpleControl’s keyboard on my phone. FAIL, but can use arrow keys and TV’s on-screen keyboard.

I hate entering text in an app using an on-screen keyboard. Is there a way to get SimpleCommand’s keyboard to work?


I’m certain we have seen this work quite recently, and I use mouse control with LG WebOS every day. However, it has always been app-specific. The Hulu app for instance has poor mouse control. Netflix and Amazon and the core LG interface are excellent. For keyboards, it is the same thing. Some apps support it properly, some do not. Contacting support would be the way to diagnose exactly what the case is for you.