Looking at the list I see that you currently support LG brand bluray players but not any LG TVs… do you plan on supporting them in the future? I’m in the market for a Panasonic or LG plasma, and currently for the same size on a comparable model the LG is $300-400 cheaper so I am leaning in that direction. I know the model I’m looking at (60PM6700) has wifi, ethernet, and serial.

LG’s IP protocol is not one that can be derived and is unpublished. It took a lot of reverse engineering to get their BD players and it’s safe to say we’re not just the only app but probably the only piece of software that has LG IP BD (other than LG obviously).

We basically are stalled at acquisition as we will need extensive protocol traces to get the unpublished protocol details. Demand for LG IP has been light and we recently released serial support for LG TVs which made it even lighter. However, the new 2012 models have removed the serial ports. We’re not sure yet what LG’s recommended method is for 2012 models to turn on the units and whether they have included some kind of IP power mechanism which would be a compelling reason to add IP control.

Since you’re considering the Panasonic, we’ll put in a plug for that as the GT and VT models for 2012 are truly amazing from a picture quality perspective and are Panasonic’s first models with true and full IP control including power. (pending Roomie 1.5’s release which will include Wake on LAN support)

Back to LG, if there are any owners especially of 2012 models sufficiently technical to run a WireShark trace of the app talking to the TV, please let us know and perhaps we can work with you to get this in more quickly.



I just bought an LG TV (55LM7600) and i cant make the remote work. Did anyone figured out if i should use IP or something else.


At this point we’re weeks away from CES 2013 so we’ll ask the LG folks there what the plan is. Removing the serial ports and not supporting IP Power is not exactly a sustainable plan it seems. For now, we do still recommend pure IR for LG TVs unless you have some of the remaining serial models.

Are you setting up a booth at CES, or just attending?

CES is so big it’s hard to know who even gets booths. We wont be exhibiting there this year. We are planning to exhibit at CEDIA 2013.

Which LG TVs are supported via serial IF? I have a 2010 model (60PK750) with a RS-232 port on the back.

If it has an RS-232 port in that year, it would work with the serial set we have in the main library.

My LG plasma has more than the two HDMI inputs that are currently available in the LG serial command list. HDMI1 and HDMI2 commands both work fine, can support be added for the other two HDMI inputs?

We can send you a command set update from support if you use the link on the right side of the page for that.

There seems to be some documentation for the LG IP protocol at developer.lgappstv.com/TV_HELP/index.jsp

The references section includes a chapter on the UDAP protocol that looks relevant.

The following forum contains posts from someone who has managed to get basic IP control going.

[link removed]

Nothing in those links indicates that control over Power is offered via IP. We would certainly prioritize LG TV IP support if they offered power control, but we have no reason to believe that is the case.

There is still hope that perhaps their high end 2013 TVs could have power control, but we have no information that is the case.

Thank you.

I am looking at picking up one of the new UHD TVs and am more than at home inside network analysis and forensic tools like WireShark. If there is an LG app that I can snoop on would roomie look to support even some basic functions (power, volume, input, etc) ?

We have a “test unit” coming in the next few weeks that is one of the new WebOS models. We still have no information that they support the ability to power on via IP control, but whatever it supports, we’ll be trying to add it. We should have more information by around the end of June.

Thank you.

That sounds real good, because I have a brand new LG 6300. Hopefully you guys are able to get the support or whatever may be needed to help us LG owners out.

Has there been any progress made on this? I would REALLY like to have direct IP control of my LG60LM TV with Roomie. I know it’s possible because the LG already automatically shows up as a device but it says [null] and is unable to be activated.

Any updates would be awesome.

Replying to some internal support queries on this reminded us of this thread, so we’re going to put a reply here as well.

The two strains of LG TVs including Smart TVs from 2012-2014 and WebOS TVs from 2014 should be supported in the next major release.

Note that LG TVs still do not support control of power via IP, so the control provided will be once the TV is on. To control the TV via IR as well, you can add the device via IR and IP at the same time. It does look like some models will be providing interesting feedback like volume levels and potentially more, so there will be value in using it via IP, but you will typically want parallel infrared or serial control.

Thank you.

Is the support for the WebOS LG 2014 TVs out yet for IP Control?