LG UB9800 TV control

Hi all,

Is this LG TV controllable via IP or RS232 for 2-way feedback? I just need discrete on/off control, and maybe input select. Is there a specific port and code format needed? I have the TV at work…

Also, can someone paste the codes for power on/off, we could not find a Crestron module and would also love to control one of these in an installation that has an existing Crestroncontroller.

Thanks !! Bert

We actually have that exact same model here and we’re happy to announce that Roomie 3.1 will indeed have IP control for it.

However, note that as with all LG TVs, there is no way to power it on via IP, so as long as you have a solution for that (eg. Roomie Blaster, Chromecast, HDMI CEC, etc.) then IP control including keyboard and mouse control will possibly roughly sometime this quarter with 3.1.

Thank you.