LG WebOS 3.0 Application Launch Parameters

Applications in WebOS 3.0 such as Netflix can be launched via IP control using the +DIAL APP LAUNCH command. You have to pass in a parameter name to tell it what app to launch.

Since there isn’t a list anywhere, I just guessed and was able to get Netflix to launch using the parameter “Netflix”.

So far I have been unable to guess the parameter names necessary to launch Amazon Video and VUDU, the other apps I’d like to be able to launch. I tried “Amazon”, “AmazonVideo” “Amazon Video”, “VUDU”, and “VUDU Movies”. No luck. Has anyone successfully figured out how to launch anything other than Netflix using the +DIAL APP LAUNCH command?

If you bring up the Channel Guide for the LG TV, we show you the list of all of the apps installed on the LG WebOS models. If you then choose to launch one of them, you may see the command go by in the command bar showing what the application name/ID is. You would then create an .APPLICATION LAUNCH command to launch that. That’s going to be usually the better bet with an LG TV.

DIAL is a bit of a wild west. Exactly what works on which TV is semi-random. However, the app names for launching are standardized and listed here so this should be another option:

dial-multiscreen.org/dial-re … e-database

Thank you.

Has anyone been successful at launching apps on LG webos3 tv?

I can get Netflix to start (sometimes) using


but no luck with “AmazonInstantVideo”, “Plex” or “iPlayer”

I’ve tried the same parameters with


But no luck there. Any further clues?

.APPLICATION LAUNCH is much more reliable on LG TVs.

Example parameters for that are “netflix”, “amazon.html”, “youtube.leanback.v4”, “hulu”, and “vudu”. Those should work across any LG WebOS 3.X release.

Thank you.

For Samsung, not LG, parameter for Amazon video is Amazon using +DIAL APP LAUNCH

Has anyone figured out how to launch the DirecTV Ready app? I have tried every incarnation of “directv” I could think of with no luck.

Support can provide the answer to that via diagnostics.

Thank you.

For anyone interested, here are the codes for DirecTV Ready, Pandora and SiriusXM (respectively):




Can anyone let me know where I can get list of all application ids? Currently i am looking for sling tv app. Also the id’s mentioned in dial-multiscreen.org/dial-re … e-database are not working (atleast like YouTube)

Jon at Simplecontrol helped me to get a few apps up and running using APPLICATION LAUNCH so thought I’d share the choices here in case they are useful for others.

Plex = cdp-30
Google Play movies = googleplaymovieswebos
Bigpond movies = bigpond
Stan TV = stan.webos2
These are all tested and working on my LG C7T Oled TV

Looking for application launch of XPlay… How can this information be determined?