Lightwave RF

Can you please add support for UK based company Lightwave RF Ethernet Module

I second the above request. Feeling a little left out with British product integration

This has my vote. At the moment I’m having to try a work around by using a URL inside roomie to access light But I can’t get past having to log on every time I want to adjust the lighting.

I would like to see this to.

I have has a quick look on their site and there is an API available on request. … article=15

in case more requests improve the chances of getting this: im all in favour of it

Another vote for this. I have made it work OK via a bodge (customised remote through DDK and an intermediate webserver) but it would be much cleaner with native support. In theory it ought to work with the UDP support on 1.7 but attempts have so far defeated me.

Happy to provide more info if it would help the developers.

any updates on this?

Yes I would like to register my interest too in this development.

Another bone would love if you could add lightwaverf

I would also like to use this feature. Thank you

There is a command set for this in the next library update. However, at this time, we haven’t found a way to get feedback from LightwaveRF so it will only provide control.

Thank you.

Is there any way of using sliders to control dimmable lights?