List 'friendly' name on remotes

Rather than say the exact device on the remote (“Onkyo All Models Zone 1”, for example), have it list the room and activity in stead (Bedroom -> Airplay).
This is especially helpful if you have more than 1 DVR for example, now they all list as ‘Motorola’ and you don’t know which DVR you are controlling.


+1 again!



Yes, this would be a godsend. I use iPods for remotes. (Got 4 cheap).

I have 4 tivos, and there is no way looking at the screen, to determine what TIVO I am on

I would like to see the same: Tivoname in Room

Where Tivoname is the friendly device name

room is, well, room

This thread seems to be referring to the “Show Manual Remote” diagnostic feature, the one activated after the user agrees to this warning, “Manual Remote enables diagnostic access. Remotes are normally accessed via an Activity instead. Are you sure you want to show a manual remote in the room?”

Creating a “remote” named anything you would like and customized in many other ways can be accomplished very easily by using an Activity instead. If you don’t want to interrupt whatever the current Activity is and you want it therefore to act more like diagnostic remotes, just set the Popup Activity setting on the Activity.

Thank you.

No, I am not using a manual remote.

I am using a remote built from a template as an activity in a room.

What you show at the top is the ‘remote design name’, I have a remote called ‘Tivo Premier Remote’ that works with both Premier Tivo’s I have

I select it as an activity, which have it used in two activities, named ‘Premier4’ and ‘Premier’.

What should show is ‘Premier4 in MBdrm’ or ‘Premier in MBdrm’. What it does show is ‘Tivo Premier Remote’

Remote Designs can be named whatever you’d like. Just change the name in the Remote Design editor.

Thank you.

I use the same design for 2 different tivos’

So it doesnt show ‘Premier’ and ‘Premier4’. The design is named ‘Premier’ and comes up for both tivos.

So nowhere on the display (At least on an ipod), does it show anything except ‘Premiere’, whether Premier or Premier4 is selected.