Live Movie Posters sister app coming soon

Roomie Remote is expanding its app portfolio shortly!

Anyone ever wanted to have a live movie poster in front of their home theater? Mount a Samsung Frame vertically hooked up to a Mac mini to show upcoming movies, show the current movie playing with live feedback using high quality movie poster artwork fully integrated with Roomie so that every media player has progress, artwork, titles, etc. Or Airplay it from an iPhone or iPad, or use iPadOS 16.2’s new multiple monitor support to drive a vertical monitor. Or just wallmount an iPad as the display. Whichever way you choose on whichever platform you choose, this new app can take your home theater to the next level.

We have been using and developing this app for some time and we feel it’s almost ready to productize. If this idea is something you would be interested in, send a message to to ask for TestFlight access. It’s not available yet, but will be soon. Top 10 contributing beta testers will be granted a free year’s subscription when the app is released.