Lock Screen Support

It would be awesome to implement lock screen support like a lot of other media apps. Play, pause, skip, volume & side volume buttons. This way we can lock our screens and still have easy access to functions. The current method leaves the screen too bright, even at 0%.



IOS has a feature which I believe is called control center. On the lock screen you can swipe up and have access to some iPod controls like pause/play, next, prev and volume.

If you were recently using the browser and watching youtube then controls for the video you were watching are shown.

If roomie could have controls show here it would be the best new feature ever for me. I use my phone to control my HT and if a kid walks into the room to ask a question I have to unlock the phone to pause or mute the video but this would instantly make that much easier and faster.

Also, adjusting the volume and pause/play are most of the things I do during playback of anything. In other words, it would come in handy a lot.


Here’s a image of the control center…