Has anyone tried to set up a Lockitron to be controlled through roomie? https://lockitron.com/preorder

This would be a great addition to Roomie!


I love the idea of this, but would it really be a great thing for Roomie? If they’ve decided they want to be the best iOS-based remote control for audio/video, why add functionality for something that has nothing to do with it? I could see:

  • Blinds and shades (you may want to roll blinds down when you start watching a movie)
  • Thermostats (media rooms get hot, and people sometimes want to cool them down either before or during their watching experience)
  • Lights (obviously)
    But letting someone in the door? That’s not part of an A/V experience. It’s more of a standalone activity. And there’s already gonna be a standalone app for that by Lockitron. I would much rather Roomie engineers use their limited resources for something that will enhance their core goals.